Speaker Bio: Brian Sugar, Sugar Inc.

Brian Sugar, Sugar Inc.

As CEO & Publisher, Brian Sugar sets the overall direction for Sugar Inc. Prior to founding Sugar Inc., Brian served first as Vice President of Marketing then as Vice President & General Manager of 2Wire, Inc.’s media business unit. Before joining 2Wire, Brian was founder and CEO of Sugar Media, a digital media software company, which was acquired by 2Wire in October 2003. Brian was Chief Web Officer at Kmart’s BlueLight.com, Vice President of eCommerce at J.Crew, and a founder of Neptune Interactive, a Washington, DC-based ISP.

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Sugar Inc. starts two UK sites

SAN FRANCISCO – March 25, 2008 – Almost two years after Sugar Inc.’s launch of the Sugar Network, the company is crossing the pond to expand its lifestyle and entertainment network in the United Kingdom, introducing British versions of its most widely-read sites, PopSugar.com and FabSugar.com. The expansion marks the company’s first overseas venture