Speaker Bio: Lynne d Johnson, FastCompany.com

Speaker Bio – New Media and The Arts Forum
October 10, 2008

Lynne d Johnson, FastCompany.com

Lynne d Johnson is the Director, Social Media for FastCompany.com, a leading website and community for people passionate about business ideas that also offers the complete content of Fast Company magazine. She also writes Digital Media Diva, a technology blog following web, media, and consumer trends for FastCompany.com, and has also recently contributed to TheDailyVoice, techPresident, Black Web 2.0, and Rushmore Drive. As a consultant Lynne works with technology and Web clients in the areas of content, community, and brand strategy. Lynne also serves on the Board of Directors of the Literary Freedom Project, a nonprofit arts organization, which seeks to empower communities of color through literature, creative thinking, and new media. Prior to joining Fast Company, she was the General Manager, New Media for VIBE, SPIN, and VIBE Vixen where she managed marketing, editorial, production, business development, and sales operations for the magazines’ websites and mobile properties. Her personal blog, Lynne d Johnson || music, media, my life, which launched in July 2001, is the recipient of the 2006 Black Weblog Awards Black Blogger Achievement Award.

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