Speaker Bio: Sarah Wambold, Museum of Contemporary Art

Speaker Bio – New Media and The Arts Forum
October 10, 2008

Sarah Wambold, Museum of Contemporary Art

Sarah Wambold is Media Relations Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and is responsible for promoting exhibitions, performances, and events to the public through the media, including maintaining content on the MCA’s website. Prior to working at the MCA, she worked as a graphic designer for L Magazine, a development assistant at ThreeWalls gallery, and as the Collections Manager at [C]Spaces, where she also served on the curatorial review board. She has taught graphic and web design at several colleges and universities in the Midwest, including the University of Nebraska, Midland College, and Columbia College. She graduated cum laude from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she studied journalism, and recently completed her coursework for a Masters of Arts Management from Columbia College.

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