AOL Abandons User Generated Videos

AOL Abandons User Generated Videos, leaves them for someone with more time and money to worry about, reports TechCrunch:

AOL is on a product-cutting spree. In addition to the shuttering of XDrive, AOL Pictures, MyMobile And Bluestring, the company will also be shutting down the AOL Video Uploads service starting this week.

Users must move their videos prior to December 18, when the service closes for good and the videos will no longer be available. AOL is recommending that users transfer videos to Motionbox, a New York based video sharing and editing startup that we first covered in 2006.

Now that this particular online video bandwagon has been left in the hot desert sun to rot with the cactus of “good ideas past,” where will the big media caravan go next for inspiration? It’s not clear, but it better have guaranteed dollar signs around it.

We love two of the comments to this post. They basically say –  social networking and user generated media — “where’s the beef?