GigaOm goes to a new Ad Network

GigaOm goes to a new Ad Network, and if you don’t think this is a big deal, look at the report from the newly downsized (down to one editor…period), part of Gawker. They call it the Death of Conversational Marketing, which as anyone with a blog and an ad knows, is Federated Media’s catch-phrase. But is this really death, or possibly “renaissance? (rebirth)”

Speaking of which, Gawker’s Nick Denton has posted what he calls a “2009 Internet Media Plan,” which details who blog networks like his are going to survive the upcoming drop in online revenues and increase in cost-cutting.

It ain’t pretty, but it might be right.

“Everybody talks about the new sounds funny but it’s still rock and roll to me” – Billy Joel, poet and pianoman