How many times can you say Newspapers are Dead?

Methinks they claim this too much. Newspapers are in a blood bath, and many will not survive. In fact, many have closed up already, and good luck finding any reporter you used to know. Many are currently looking at new professions. But all is not lost (we hope).

However, here’s what’s currently being proposed by Gawker Media (

With the full onset of consistently declining revenues and mass layoffs, newspapers have now finally accepted the depth of their plight. Now the war wages on as to how — and whether — print can become more commercially viable through innovation. In an article discussing how industries rework themselves to stay relevant, the NYT blissfully throws doubt on her ability to survive in this economic climate. Is there at least some solution that could save the local paper?

The bitter feud between Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum and new media simpleton Jeff Jarvis aside, both do agree that newspapers are in deep s–t.

You’ll see more on this topic tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…