At the NMT “2009 SURVIVAL STRATEGIES” SUMMIT in San Francisco, participants will meet, discuss, network and share strategies on how to survive and thrive in the downturn of 2009.

Speaker topics include:

* Owning your Intellectual Property
* Expanding your product line
* Increasing revenue streams
* Strategic Partnerships
* Finding Alternate sources of Funding

Sample speaking organizations for the Summit on June 4th include:

* Justin.tv
* BridgeBank
* TasteTV
* The Small Business Administration
* Rubinstein Law Group

The New Media Tastmakers Summit is an intimate gathering of 100 important Digital Media, Traditional Media, Online Video and Web 2.0 producers, platforms, clients and startups. Powered by the techniques and technology of New Media, these categories are not only required daily reading and viewing by tens of millions of consumers and businesses, they also have the ability to begin or end major trends, make fortunes & careers, and thrill & delight advertisers.

Date: Fall, 2009

Sign up for updates at www.NewMediaTastemakers.com

Also taking place in 2009 in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle.