How the Web Is Changing TV’s Definition of a Hit

Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee reports on some of the reasons why what we now call a “hit” is no longer what we used to call a “hit” when the Nielsen reports, etc. where the only barometer of success.

“It used to be the hits would pay for the losers, now not so much,” said Marc Graboff, the chairman of NBC.

Instead, shows like The Office, The Biggest Loser, Prison Break and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are successful based on different factors: strong advertiser support, cheap production costs, online popularity, and international and DVD sales.

Of course, it’s not only increased flexibility of consumption that is driving TV economics down; advertisers just aren’t ponying up like they used to. However the TV execs on the panel said they are none too comfortable with the current state of digital and DVR distribution, especially since measurement techniques are lagging viewership.”

Via NewTeeVee