Fashion Blogger Alexandra Periera of Lovely Pepa goes behind the scenes this New York Fashion Week for Pavan Liqueur

Alexandra Pereira and winner of Naomi Campbell's "The Face" Devyn

Alexandra Pereira and winner of Naomi Campbell’s “The Face” Devyn

From Pavan:

Pavan_LiqueurPAVAN Liqueur is pleased to announce that they will be partnering with Alexandra Periera, the mastermind behind the famed blog Lovely Pepa ( to provide exclusive access to Pavan fans directly from NYFW.

24 year old blogger Alexandra Pereira, launched her blog in 2009.  The blog is a lifestyle, travel, and of course fashion blog which gives Alexandra a forum to share her passions with the world. The blog’s name sake is derived from Alexandra’s french bull dog who is featured as her side kick and constant companion throughout her adventures.

Lovely Pepa, has accrued a massive following including media, fashion and beauty brands, with more than 2,5 million visits and 4 million page views per month. It was named the most popular blog in Spain, according to the Bloglovin ranking, and is amongst the 30 most influential fashion blogs in the world.  All this garnered Alexandra an extensive social media following, with more than 120 k followers on instagram and facebook and over 31 k on twitter.  Alexandra has now worked with brands such as Dior, Swarovski, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari amongst others and travels around the world for different collaborations.

This New York Fashion Week, Alexandra teams up with Pavan Liqueur to give Pavan fans an inside look at NYFW events where tastemakers are set to be enjoying the liqueur. Alexandra will be their insider at The High Tea bloggers brunch, Socialyte Gala, “House of the Rising Sun” Premier at the James Hotel, and The Patricia Field Fashion Week Event: California in NYC.  Alexandra is giving an exclusive tour of NYFW, interviewing the who’s who of in the know fashion bloggers and various New York influencers. taking Pavan backstage.

Named after the 16th century dance of the peacock, Pavan Liqueur embodies the South of France, a world that is inspired by music, history and art. Crafted by age-old traditions, Pavan inspires with a nod to the Joie De Vivre of the Côte d’Azur of the 1960’s.

Singer Kate Nash and Pavan Liqueur Creative Director Stefanie Marco

Singer Kate Nash and Pavan Liqueur Creative Director Stefanie Marco