Coup D’Etat brings Haute Couture to Holiday Interior Design


High-end interior design studio and gallery Coup D’Etat has created a winter wonderland inside of the shop this season, complete with glass encased moose wandering among snow covered trees. The scenario even has its own pine-based scent, custom created for Coup, and which we hope they will one day sell, as it is fantastic.

Coup D’Etat regularly changes its collection and layout, giving it a “living museum” quality, although everything is for sale. The store has impeccable taste and design aesthetics, and an uncanny ability to discover talented furniture makers from across the world.

As the show in the store windows change regularly, we will be back to bring you their next incarnation.


COUP D’ETAT location
111 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA 94103



Popup Shop by Jay Jeffers inside of the Coup D’Etat store


Holiday themed crystal moose


Funky dinosaur chandelier


Vintage De Sede ‘Terazza Elements’ by Ubeld Klug. A different take on the concept of the chaise


Ribcage chairs. Paintings on walls by Paolo Troilo

coup-detat-IMG_8386 coup-detat-IMG_8390 coup-detat-IMG_8391