Book Release: The Fragrance Designer’s Primer

FrontCover-FragranceDesigners-smTasteTV and the Artisan Fragrance Salon are pleased to announce our newest book release is now available.

THE FRAGRANCE DESIGNERS PRIMERA Roundtable of 14 Fragrance Makers answer 34 Creative, Brand and Business Defining Questions
The title, the first of its kind in our PRIMER series, has been released and is now available on Amazon. (photos below courtesy of Paul Kiler)

Insights and tips from artisan and luxury fragrance makers from around the United States and Canada.

Description: Are you interested in perfumes and fragrance design as a small business? There are many how-to books on starting an enterprise, but often the best advice comes directly from those with actual experience. Thus came the idea for this book; this “primer.” Why not ask perfumers firsthand what they have experienced and what they recommend? With this concept in mind, we composed 34 key questions and asked them to 14 interesting artisans with experience in either perfume, skin care, or both. Their answers on creativity, branding and business are very frank and often personal, and written in a journal or diary style. The information in the resulting primer is worth its weight in gold.


Featuring (by page number):
  1. Fragrance Belles-Lettres Magazine   p6
  2. Meshaz Natural Perfumes                p20 
  3. Olympic Orchids Perfumes              p38
  4. Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery    p58
  5. LA FLEUR BY LIVVY                         p72
  6. Ayala Moriel Parfums                      p84 
  7. Ineke                                              p102 
  8. COGNOSCENTI                                p114 
  9. PK Perfumes                                   p140
  10. Pure Natural Diva                                 p156
  11. EcoGenics Active Botanical Skin Care   p162
  12. A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes                p172
  13. MIKMOI                                                p188
  14. En Voyage Perfumes                            p196