Helmer Handbags celebrates Summer of the Snake with CITES certified Luxury Handbags

Helmer-image002 copyHelmer-image001HELMER is spotlighting its line of handmade Bali-produced snakeskin handbags on the runway circuit this summer, which gives rise to the tongue in cheek theme, “Summer of the Snake.”

Regardless of the theme, these handbags certainly are eye catching, and compliment a number of different outfit types.

All HELMER pieces are handcrafted from soft velvety python skin leather and are lined with a signature Balinese batik material. The batik each handbag an individual and customized touch.

To make sure that these luxury products meet with international standards for humane animal care and sustainability, the snakeskin products are CITES certified, an international certification whose goal is to ensure that the international trade in certain specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

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