Purple Cafe’s Prosciutto and Squash Blossom Pizza

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Have you ever eaten a dish that surprises you so much that you can’t stop talking about it?

That was our recent experience in the Seattle area at Purple Café and Wine Bar.

In this case, the dish in question was simple pizza. It was made with a delicious flatbread crust. But the crust was not what made it fabulous. It was the prosciutto, squash blossoms, and lemon olive oil that took the ensemble into another dimension.

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Upon ordering, we thought this was just going to be something that would be kind of different but not very memorable.

We were wrong. The first bite was questionable. The flavors were so good and so amazing that we wondered if everyone was just so hungry and starving that this was the reason it tasted so good. But bite after bite, everyone agreed that this combination was indeed amazing.

The server informed us that this item was new to the menu. We think it will do very well if other diners have an adventurous enough spirit to order it.

Regardless, we are in the process of looking for a recipe for this pizza so everyone can make it at home if they cannot make it to Seattle  or Bellevue. Be warned, fresh squash blossoms are not easy to find.

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