Pop Artists converge on Vive La Lolligag Popup

Lolligagphoto 2-1Woot Bear Gallery, BIC and Bombastic Fantastic recently hosted “Vive La Lolligag!”, a popop art exhibition centered around the release of the final-edition, grape colorway of the Lolligag vinyl toy, named “Vive La Lolligag.” The popup exhibition took place in San Francisco, at the Woot Bear Gallery.

To celebrate this release, contemporary pop artists from across the United States created and displayed nearly 50 custom reinterpretations of Vive La Lolligag.

To say that the interpretations varied widely would be an understatement, especially considering that Lolligag’s backstory says: Lolligag lives in the carefree world of her imagination where friendship, fun and fashion are the sweetest things in life. With a lollipop in hand revealing her secret emotions, Lolligag spends her days with her best friend, Moot, in search of adventures big and small, simple and sweet.

Contrast this to the Black Widow Spider Lolligag, as well as many others. In addition, each edition of the Lolligag line not only comes in different colors, they also include different fruit aromas. Vive La Lolligag is the grape colorway, and each of the figurines also emits a faint aroma of grapes.

The opening reception was a Who’s Who of collectors, art lovers, and of course artists.

What we would like to see next is “Lolligag,” the anime movie. The cast has already been created.


Big C
Brandon Dicks
Candie Bolton
Carson Catlin
Cat Atomic
Chris RWK
Daniel Fleres
Eric Tan
Frank Montano
Gretchen Lewis
Haus of Boz
Heidi Kenney
Horrible Adorables
Irene Garcia
Jason Hornbuckle
Jeff Gomez
Jenn & Tony Bot
Jerome Lu

Joe Chou
JRyu & Vampy
Malo April
Mathew Knight
Mikie Graham
Ming Ming Castillo
Mizna Wada
MJ Hsu
Phillip Lumbang
Rich Sheehan
Sneaky Raccoon
Tasha Zimich
Task One
Tyler Ham
Valley Dweller
William Rimmel
Zachary Sweets

About the Vive La Lolligag Vinyl Doll

Following the successful release of the Bubble Gum, Blueberry and Lemon Drop editions of the Vive La Lolligag art toy, Bombastic Fantastic is eager to make way for the fourth and final version: the Grape edition. Already a colorful set piece in Penny’s apartment on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Vive La Lolligag finds Lolligag reimagining herself as Marie Antoinette, complete with a pink wig and gown, lollipop and fan. The set is limited to 250 pieces worldwide and includes Lolligag’s best friend, Moot, as a bonus figure. Perhaps sweetest of all, Lolligag herself is scented like grape candy.

Woot Bear
147 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118