The NuWave Duralon Stainless Steel Grill Pan heats up the Kitchen

A non-stick grill pan is one of the home cook’s most versatile tools. It allows you to cook a variety of different ingredients in a way that you normally could only prepare over a fire outside.

It also gives delicious flavors and textures.

That’s why we thought the Nuwave nonstick grill pan was something we had to put to the test. We ran it through a gamut of recipes. We grilled Portabella mushrooms, we grilled green peppers. We grilled peaches, which we then ate within about 15 seconds. In addition, we marinated chicken breast in Brianna’s salad dressing and then grilled that as well.

What did we find? The NuWave Duralon Stainless Steel Grill Pan performed up to expectations, and aside from the time when we added caramelized sugar to the recipe, the nonstick grill pan was able to be cleaned extremely easily for later use.

About the NuWave Duralon Stainless Steel Grill Pan

The NuWave Duralon Stainless Steel Grill Pan makes indoor grilling a reality.  Combining durable, high-quality stainless steel construction and advanced Duralon coating, it grills chicken, fish and vegetables quickly and easily.   Duralon is a natural, safe ceramic material – free of PTFE, PFOA and Cadmium – that lasts longer than conventional nonstick coatings.  Works on any stovetop, and oven safe to 475 degrees.