Watch the First Annual Goose-Off Chef’s Competition, produced by TasteTV and TASTEABLE CALIFORNIA, in partnership with Bloomindale’s Culinary and Schiltz Foods.

TasteTV had the pleasure of both creating and hosting the 1st Annual Goose-Off Chef’s Competition, where the main ingredient was… goose!

The event took place at Bloomindale’s Culinary demonstration kitchen in downtown San Francisco, and the theme was goose for the Holidays. Over 40 people reserved seats for this 5-Course tasting event.

Five local chefs were provided with a whole goose by Schiltz Foods Roasted Goose, and challenged with using it to create a unique and delicious recipe. Their results were tasted and judged by a panel of food & wine media judges, as well as by attendees. The panel consisted of Cindy Wong-Chen (China Live), Amy Sherman (Cooking with Amy), Pam Elder (Culinary Forum), Chef Gigi Gagero, and Alexandria Christakos (Draeger’s Specialty Market).

The lineup of chefs for the Goose-Off:
1) Adam Hubbell
Chef/Owner The Lunchpad,
San Francisco

2) Chef Maurice Dissels
Birk’s Restaurant,
Santa Clara

3) Chef Jason Raffin
Scotland Yard,
San Francisco

4) Chef Michael Wisniewski
Cherry Tree Catering
Bay Area

5) Chef Sam Sussman
McKay’s Taphouse and Beer Garden, Facebook page

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