Modern Sprout’s easy Indoor Herb Gardens entice Home Cooks

If you have a green thumb and want to avoid the mandatory exposure to dirt, or the need to remember to water something, then there is a new product for you by Modern Sprout.


The concept is simple. You take a mason jar, and add a lid that doubles as the pot, plus a wick that absorbs water directly from below into an area where the plant’s roots can reach. Inside of the jar’s mouth you nestle an herb ball (basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, mint, or pansy) into a finely designed sieved holding space that allows for both germination and growth.

Place this little farmstead on a well lit shelf or in the window, and voilà, instant herb garden. We think it took less than five minutes to set up ours.

As far as maintenance, keeping the water level was not a big issue until the plant really started to grow quickly, especially when you consider that the wick soaks up of every drop of water available. However, as with anything that requires photosynthesis to survive, you do want to make sure it has enough light to allow the development of the herb’s full bouquet of flavors.

This is one of those new ideas for organic and fresh vegetables that takes hydroponic simplicity to a new level. Everything is included, except for water. In addition, if you like it enough after you have eaten your hand-raised crops, then you can start all over and get ready for your next harvest.

As part of the trend towards “smart kitchen,” the Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit is space saving, easily stored, super easy to maintain, and a great gift for anyone who likes plants or fresh vegetables.