4 Cool Gifts for the Home Cook

Getting a new item for the kitchen or a gift for the home cook often seems to center around finding the latest cookbook, or wrapping the newest spatula. Fortunately there are ways to add both high-end style and superb functionality to a kitchen in a way that says, “I want to give you the best, and here it is.

Here are our picks for four Cool Gifts for the Home Cook, and they include Kyocera Ceramic Knives in citrus, the Philips Air Fryer, the SMEG 4-slice retro design toaster, and the classic George Foreman Grill.


Philips Air Fryer

Fry food without pans of oil, and without the calories and mess. The air fryer is also versatile, and both steams and bakes.

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SMEG 4 Slice Toaster, Modern Retro Design

Makes toasting cool. This 4 slice toaster with a powder coated steel body looks good, and also has buttons for thawing and even bagels (for one-sided toasting)

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Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set in Citrus Colors

Sharp knives are a recipes best friend. Slice and dice easily and with comfortable and colorful handle grips that brighten your kitchen.

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George Foreman Classic 2-Serving Grill

The grill that changed the world of cooking, the Classic is easy to use, easy to clean, and helps reduce and remove fats & oils from your quickly grilled dishes.

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