Braun Series 7 adds Luxury & Technology to the Shaving Experience

The Braun Series 7 Shaver looks like it came from a James Bond movie, and feels like you should be driving it at high speed on a curvy mountain road. It also performs how you want a high-end electric razor to perform: consistently.


If you have to shave every day or sometimes twice a day, then you know getting one that’s close and comfortable can often be a chore. Especially if you use electric razors, which give you the convenience of not having to change razor blades every month, or perhaps even requiring lather or foam.

Electric razors though do have some drawbacks. For example, sometimes they really don’t get as close as you would like. They also need to be recharged on a regular basis, and a low-powered razor can do some damage to your skin. In addition, the actual blades do need to be replaced, and these are not inexpensive. Furthermore, many of the bells and whistles that are promised don’t operate as described, such as the ergonomic shape of the handle, or a swivel head that should move along with the contours of a face.

The Challenger: The Braun Series 7 Shaver.


In all of these areas the Braun Series 7 Shaver lives up to expectations. Its elegant and luxurious design is pleasing to look at and to hold. You can get close shaves or medium shaves depending on which razor setting you select, and the device actually tells you when it needs to be cleaned. This last feature is especially important, because it extends the life of the razor blades so they don’t need to be changed as often, and so they operate at maximum efficiency at all times. Plus, it helps avoid possible staph infections from dirty blades.

The design of the Clean & Charge Station that comes with the razor is also quite interesting, because it is made to operate as a functional item as well as a decorative item. It is not large and bulky, and is quite stable on top of various surfaces. It can fit in a corner of the bathroom, or on the dresser, as long as there is an outlet nearby. The Clean & Charge Station is also a display stand for the razor. After you shave you can simply place it back in the Station for cleaning, recharging, or to just look good. If you like things that appear high tech as well as expensive, then the James Bond in you will be fully satisfied with this setup.

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology

    10,000 microvibrations per minute. That’s quite a few for a shave

  • Clean & Charge Station makes Hygenic Razors

    The station is alcohol-based and cleans, charges, lubricates at the same time.

  • Quick Charge

    Just 1 Hour to Fully charge, or 5 minutes for one shave

  • Long Battery Life

    50 Minutes of Shaving Time with a Li-Ion Battery

  • Tap Water Option

    Can be cleaned with just the water from a running faucet

  • Wet, Dry or No Foam Shaving

    Whatever works for you. Lather, no lather, in the shower, on the beach

  • Head fits Facial Contours

    The head and razor heads move like your face and skin does, or you can lock it in a fixed position


In sum, we give the Braun Series 7 Shaver a 4 rating for performance, utility, and design.

The starting price is around $250-160 (Amazon) US, which includes the Clean & Charge Station.

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