North America’s Best Chocolate Truffles

Award Winning Selections to Please Your Palate

What is a chocolate truffle? Is it handmade or molded, is it enrobed or dusted, is it smooth or bumpy? There is no one definition for a chocolate truffle except that it has to be delicious, and it always tastes like one of life’s great luxuries.

TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon have selected some of the top chocolate truffles — and the artistry behind them — in North America. These truffles come from the East Coast, the West Coast, the middle planes, and even Canada. Their colors range from chocolate brown to butterfly incandescent, and some of the packaging is as elaborate as a Tiffany’s jewelry box.

If you are looking for some of the best on the continent, take a look at these and the results from our tasting panel’s luscious experience.


  • flying noir out of country
  • JARDI chocolates Herbs de Provence
  • Colleen Heidecker Pure Culinary Orange Theory
  • Éclat Chocolate Peruvian


  • CocoVaa Chocolatier Cardamom Pear
  • JARDI chocolates Passion Fruit Marshmallow
  • Cochu Chocolatier Margarita
  • Éclat Chocolate Ginger Caramels
  • Inspiration Chocolates Aztec Spice
  • CocoVaa Chocolatier Hazelnut Macchiato
  • Truffles by Tiffany Rosemary caramel layered on Lavender Honey Ganache
  • Delysia Chocolatier Truffle Sampler
  • Cochu Chocolatier Balvenie Scotch Whisky & Prune
  • Colleen Heidecker Pure Culinary DC Strawberry #12


  • Inspiration Chocolates Maple Walnut Supreme
  • Bella Sophia Chocolates Coffee Caramel
  • Cochu Chocolatier Cherry Gin
  • SELEUSS Chocolates French Brandy
  • CocoVaa Chocolatier Sayari Cocoa (planet cocoa)
  • Romeo Chocolates Raspberry & Rose Water Truffle
  • JARDI chocolates Coffee Toffee
  • SELEUSS Chocolates Bourbon Whiskey Maple
  • Éclat Chocolate Salted Dark Caramel
  • TinyB chocolate Raspberry Dark Chocolate


  • Romeo Chocolates Espresso Crunch Truffle
  • Inspiration Chocolates Cherry Jubilee
  • TinyB chocolate Mint Dark Chocolate
  • SELEUSS Chocolates Matcha Green Tea
  • Chip in a Bottle LLC Black Cherry Dark Chocolate
  • Chip in a Bottle LLC Thai Coconut Caramel with Nougat
  • GerDan Chocolates Tamarind Rainforest
  • Rainy Day Chocolate Rainy Day Chocolate

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