Gift Guide: 8 Tasty Treats for the Meat and Protein Lover

For some people, the most satisfying gift they can receive is a delicious slice of protein. They are true carnivores, and when you know this fact then you can try some of our gift picks to tantalize their appetites.

Niman Ranch All-Natural American Artisan Prosciutto

Niman Ranch has expanded its line of artisan meats, and launched the first Certified Humane® domestic prosciutto. The pork’s highly marbled legs are coated in Sicilian Sea Salt to cure in the traditional old world Italian style.

Find at local groceries, markets, and Niman Ranch

Schiltz Farms Roast Goose

Goose is a much meatier bird that duck, chicken or turkey. There is ample meat not only on the breast (which are like steaks), but also on the wings, legs, and even on the back. The color is nice red, and Schiltz also pre-cooks or pre-smokes the goose so that you just have to pop it into the oven for an hour and then take out a juicy and delicious centerpiece for your cravings. Plus, there are many ways to cook it. See a few here.

Find it here at Schiltz Farms

4505 Meats Chicharonnes

You can snack on these chicaronnes until the cows come home! Hopefully with a nice glass of ale, beer or cider. These all-natural pork rinds come in flavors such as Classic Chili and Salt, Smokehouse BBQ, and Jalapeño Cheddar. They are also hormone and antibiotic free, and come from humanely raised livestock.

Find them at 4505 locations, retailers, or here

Tsar Nicoulai Smoked Sturgeon

A fish that has a much heartier flavor than some is smoked sturgeon. You can find one of the best from California-farmed, cured and triple smoked,  sturgeon from Tsar Nicoulai.

Find it here

Jamie’s Jerky, Grass fed Beef

Natural Colorado beef, and a Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Jerky Awards

Find here

Damn Good Beef Jerky, Teriyaki & Hawaiian Style Teriyaki

Tender New York jerky in mouth-watering teriyaki. A Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Jerky Awards

Find here

Jerky Pro, Honey Glazed Beef Jerky

Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Jerky Awards, this also is a favorite of gaming and eSports fans. They also have a very creative style in how they promote their Jerky Awards (see here)

Find here

Whip City Jerky, Black Peppered Curry

Made fresh to order in Massachusetts, Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Jerky Awards

Find here