Australian Macadamia Nut Milk from Milkadamia is a Tasty Alternative

There are several alternatives for the lactose intolerant, or people who are simply avoiding dairy. One of the newest is made with tasty macadamia nuts, called Milkadamia.

The TasteTV reviewers are always excited to try out a new milk alternative, and they were not disappointed by this one. Milkadamia was smooth and creamy, with an excellent mouth texture and flavor. It was able to stand toe-to-toe with the some of the most popular milk substitutes in cereals, coffees and teas, and even in recipes. We predict that as this product continues to penetrate the North American market it will find an enthusiastic reception.

In addition, Milkadamia is non-GMO, non-Soy, and Gluten-Free. (We’re not quite sure if it is Vegan, but we assume it is)

The macadamia nuts come from family-owned farms  located near the Eastern coast of Australia. Drink it straight, or in breakfast cereals, smoothies, acai bowls, hot beverages and more.