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Dwell On Design Video / DWELL Magazine

DWELL on Design: #1 From the pages of the modern home magazine, DWELL, comes the DWELL on Design event, where the best in home and kitchen design, architecture, prefab and modular houses, and sustainable living is presented, viewed and discussed. See Dwell Magazine and Dwell on Design on TasteTV! (Ep. #1). Attendees experienced architecture through […]

R&B singer Kelis Cookbook

The Denver Post (that’s right, not TMZ or even in this case TasteTV) has got the celebrity buzz on food: “R&B singer Kelis is so famous for her milkshakes she’s planning a cookbook that will include a recipe for her tasty treat, among other things. Kelis was inspired to do the cookbook, she told World […]

Rooting For the Home Team

History was made in San Francisco this past week when Michelin unveiled its first ever guidebook to the SF Bay Area and wine country. There was much hype about the premier, followed by stunned patrons, food critics and restaurateurs who gawked in disbelief at the renowned guide that failed to include some of their most […]

Cooking classes today are as much about entertainment

KAREN HERZOG of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that “Cooking classes today are as much about entertainment as they are about picking up new recipes.” No argument there from us. She also says that Milwaukee, land of beer and sausages, is now a hot culinary spot and cooking classes and hands on chefs are leading […]

Seafood Choices

The July issue of Gourmet magazine had an article that, I’m sure, spooked a lot of people. It was called “Mercury Rising” and talked about the unhealthy levels of mercury found in the fish we eat. The author, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., says his doctor informed him that his mercury level was double the concentration […]

How-To to air on TasteTV in October

TV shows have been re-purposing and re-branding portions of their content as podcasts for quite some time now, but its very rare to see a program developed as a podcast make the leap to TV. The “How-To” video podcast joins the elite few as it makes it’s debut on TasteTV’s Video On Demand network this […]