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Sexy Chef Nominations

As a reminder, TasteTV is developing our newest program, called SEXY CHEFS, and you’re the ones who make the nominations. Any city, any state, any country, just tell us who, where and why, and we’ll do the rest on SEXY CHEFS! Post Your Nominations below, and if you can, add links and pictures, and explain […]

72 Hours of Food TV

Even if you don’t read the New Yorker, TasteTV recommends this great article about “the Rise of Food Television.” Hmmm, now where could they have gotten the idea that there is more food programming these days? Read on: TV DINNERS The rise of food television. “The first sign that I’d been unknowingly affected by cooking […]

UK’s Nanny State Madness

Cheese is to be treated as junk food under new advertising rules for children’s television. Commercials promoting it will be banned during children’s TV programmes and those with a large proportion of young viewers. As reported by the Daily Mail: The rules, which come into force this month, are part of a Government drive to […]

Black Box Wines

Some people hate their wine to stay fresh longer, come in a convenient and easily stored shape, have a great modern packaging design, and cost something that many would consider a good value. TasteTV has found that those people would have no interest at all in Black Box Wines. This blog from the contributors, producers […]

Chocolate Television: Fritz and his Chocolates

Click to Play TasteTV.com meets Fritz Knipschildt, the hip founder of Knipschildt Chocolatier, at the New York Chocolate Show. Also, Laurie Gauguin shows us a few new Knipschildt sauces. For more Chocolate Television, visit TasteTV at http://www.TasteTV.com, and the TasteTV blog at http://indiefoodchannel.blogspot.com/

Chocolatier Magazine Loves our CHOCOLATE FRENCH BOOK

We just got a great review on our new chocolate book CHOCOLATE FRENCH, 2ND EDITION from the December/January Issue of Chocolatier Magazine “After reading only a few pages of CHOCOLATE FRENCH, it is easy to become enamored and awed with all that chocolate has to offer, as well a more than a little hungry…All in […]