Sometimes TasteTV and the Chocolate Salon just want to have a little fun, and that’s why we made this faux trailer for a movie we might make someday: LAND OF THE CHOCOLATE GIANTS.

The idea is based on an science fiction television series from the 1960’s, called, “Land of the Giants.” A group of travelers arrive on a space ship to a world where everything is the same as their own, except it’s larger.

In our case, it’s larger, and in chocolate.



Trailer for Will Smith’s Netflix film BRIGHT is as good as an actual Movie

Although the movie Suicide Squad grossed millions of dollars at the box office, it was not extremely well received by critics and fans alike. Will Smith’s character was well-developed, but the movie was not the best vehicle for his talents. Fortunately, the director of Suicide Squad and Smith have teamed up for a new reality/fantasy movie where he plays an LA cop in a world where magic exists.

The movie is called BRIGHT, coming out on Netflix in December 2017. The awesome trailers are certain to generate buzz and excitement leading up to its debut.

X-Men Spinoff TV Series Coming, GIFTED, and Here is the Trailer

The world is full of mutants, according to the Marvel Universe that is home to the X-Men franchise. Now after the success of the movie LOGAN, as well as the acclaimed television series LEGION, the deck is being played completely with another spinoff, GIFTED.

The trailer is enticing, and the title, GIFTED, is a way to imply that being different isn’t necessarily a curse.

Wonder Woman Trailer Unveils Origin Story and More Action

You have to love a good trailer, especially one that successfully reveals good reasons for becoming excited to see a movie. This Wonder Woman trailer does that, in spades. It shows a bit of the Amazon origin story (but not too much), it shows some conflict (but not too much), it shows more action (but not too much), it shows that she’s special (we already knew that), and it shows she’s awesome (there can never be too much).

Director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot (WW), and Chris Pine are probably feeling fairly confident about now.

Did we mention, that pounding soundtrack is hot?

Film Review: LOGAN

The thing about Logan is that in the X-Men series he is known as the wild child, the uncontrollable fury of the team. He slices and dices bad guys, and he cannot be hurt because his wounds heal immediately. He never ages, and he’s immune to most poisons and drugs.

His One true weakness is actually his relationships with others, especially those that he loves or cares for… So when you go to watch the movie LOGAN you assume that this might still be the case. In many ways it is, as we look at his relationship with Charles Xavier, formally known as Professor X, leader of the X-Men. But it is also surprising to see that the things we considered as his physical strengths are waning. Why they are fading is a mystery, though it is slightly revealed in the film. Yet what is revealed is that there exist another Wolverine-type person out there. What is his relationship with that person now, what was it in the past, and what will it be in the future? These are the questions that are directly confronted in the film when we discover that this person is a young preteen girl with all of the capabilities for which Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, was renowned, and none of the history.

That story development is partially what makes LOGAN a tearjerker more than an action movie. The cinematic action does happen regularly, and it is incredible to watch. It is beyond incredible to watch Wolverine do what he does best, and it is even more incredible to watch the girl (X-23) do what she is learning to do best. But it is so very credible to watch their growing relationship and bond, as well as the bond between Wolverine and Professor X, and feel your heart ache.

There are other bonds  in the film as well, between strangers met along side the road, between doctors and patients, between classmates and fellow prisoners. This is truly a relationship story, and if you think that will make it boring, don’t be fooled. LOGAN is one of the most engrossing movies that has ever been made about what it takes to be live as a superhero.

Fragrance Company launches new film, Meet the Harmony

It’s not often you get a new brand, with new stores in places around the world like Los Angeles on Melrose (per Essential Home Magazine ), plus a new movie to support it. But with the Harmonist that’s exactly what you get.

Says FilmFest.com, “Bruno Aveillan shot ‘Meet the Harmony’ for the new perfume Brand The Harmonist… at Festival de Cannes 2016 which the company is attending for the first time. ‘Meet the Harmony’, tells the love encounter between a man and a woman who will be guided and inspired by an alchemist of senses, a creator of harmony: The Harmonist. It is set in sober and eternal City of Paris, magnified by an elegant black and white treatment, Bruno Aveillan offers us a contemporary fable, modern yet poetic, with subtle emotions which resonate to surrealism, through the magics of special effects.

The sound track was composed by french icon Bruno Coulais.

According to Yahoo Movies, at Cannes:

Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Common, Orlando Bloom and Karolina Kurkova started their night at the launch party for The Harmonist, a Paris-based fragrance line based on feng shui and inspired by the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The maison de parfum spared no expense for the bash, taking over the beach venue in front of the Hotel Martinez, which was transformed into a Harmonist-themed nightclub with music by Martin Solveig and an exclusive performance by Jason Derulo.

The Harmonist – theharmonist.com
Creation : Bruno Aveillan and Story Studio – storystudio.fr
Directed by Bruno Aveillan
Produced by Quad – quad.fr