TASTEABLE: California takes viewers on a weekly tour of California food and wine creators and destinations.

This episode includes a visit to the foodie boutique Vegan Picnic, the Andaz Hollywood and its (RED) Suite, and a recipe for duck breast.


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Healthee USA releases Organic Brown Rice Bowls in multiple Flavors

Healthee USA continues to release its Organic Brown Rice Bowls in multiple flavors. These include Spanish Style, Chicken Chipotle, Chicken, Coconut and Fried Style.

Modern Sprout’s easy Indoor Herb Gardens entice Home Cooks

If you have a green thumb and want to avoid the mandatory exposure to dirt, or the need to remember to water something, then there is a new product for you by Modern Sprout.

Prince’s 3 Favorite Foods


The artist known as Prince was well known for his creativity in music, film, and even fashion. But what type of foods or dishes inspired or fueled his incredible level of creativeness, especially for a famous vegetarian?

Here are three that stand out:

  1. Spaghetti and orange juice was Prince’s favorite meal during his early years with the Revolution. (Source: Citypages)prince 1999
  2. Snack foods like hummus, pita bread, veggie chips, trail mix, and chips and salsa (source: Today)prince dirty mind
  3. Sauteed Spinach with olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper (Source: BlackDoctor)prince_-_the_hits1-front

He will be missed!

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Cookbook: Chef Nathan Lyon’s Great Food Starts Fresh

Chef Nathan Lyon, also known as “A Lyon in the Kitchen” on FitTV, and on PBS, shows his latest green cookbook, Great Food Starts Fresh.

Top 6 Gourmet Olive Oils from California

The best gourmet olive oil is as collectible as the best artisan wine. That’s why we have a list of some of California’s best.