4 Luxury Tech Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

Holidays, Birthday, Special Occasions. We’ve picked out four great Luxury Tech Gifts for the Geek in Your Life.

Norcal World Dog Surfing Championship awes San Francisco Bay Area

It was a great day for the first time Norcal Dog Surfing event (aka the World Dog Surfing Championships), and over 400 dog and surfing lovers came out to check out the stars, including local media outlets such as KQED, NBC, KPIX (CBS), the Bay Area News Group, and more. (see press coverage and some videos here)

Ratings were led by veteran solo dog surfers Abbie Surfs and Brandy the Pug, in close pursuit by tandem dog surfer Skyler, doing her first foray in solo surfing.

There were four heats in all: 2 for small/medium dogs, 1 for large dogs, 1 for the top dogs (trophies)

Top Dogs (trophies)
1. Abbie (Michael Uy, www.instagram.com/abbiesurfs/ )
2. Brandy (Jonny Dorman, www.instagram.com/brandy_the_pug/ )
3. Skyler (Homer Henard, www.instagram.com/skylerthesurfingdog/)

Small/Medium Dogs
1. Abbie (Michael Uy, www.instagram.com/abbiesurfs/ )
2. Brandy (Jonny Dorman, www.instagram.com/brandy_the_pug/ )
3. Wes (Christine Campopiano, www.instagram.com/westhesurfdog/)

Large Dogs
1. Skyler (Homer Henard, www.instagram.com/skylerthesurfingdog/)
2. Barb (Linda Lyman, Pawssage.com)

IKEA opening in-store Pop-Restaurant locations called The Dining Club

As reported on Popuprestaurants.com, IKEA, global purveyor of inexpensive interior design and furniture, is taking their in-store restaurants a step further, and are launching some as pop-ups for customer use, and called “The Dining Club”.

As reported by FORTUNE Magazine, “Ikea announced this week it will open a pop-up restaurant in the company’s Shoreditch, London location where diners will build their own meals in the sense that they’ll serve as the chef, preparing food for their group of friends and family. Called “The Dining Club,” Ikea’s new experimental restaurant will open for two weeks in mid-September.”

Timeout London also reports, “With the help of IKEA food experts, you’ll choose the menu, with everything from ceviche to carpaccio, smoked fish to pork belly and white chocolate cheesecake or Rull Tårta (that’s a Swedish Roly Poly, for the uninitiated) for dessert.

We look forward to seeing if IKEA’s Dining Club popups go global too.

Cocktail Recipe: The Judgette at Gaspar

TASTEABLE: CALIFORNIA gets a Cocktail Recipe for the Judgette at Gaspar Brasserie in San Francisco.

TASTEABLE: The Sunburst Calistoga Hotel in Napa Valley

TASTEABLE: CALIFORNIA visits the Sunburst Calistoga hotel in Napa Valley, with a retro theme and modern style (and a nice pool).

DJ Mustard, Nicki Minaj, Jeremih release epic Animated Music Video for “Don’t Hurt Me”

Nicki Minaj stays busy on the cutting edge of fashion and music, and the recent release (on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim no less) of “Don’t Hurt Me” shows that she will stay that way for some time to come.

Created in conjunction with DJ Mustard, Jeremih, and Nicki Minaj, the video is a contrast of the supernatural relationship between predator and assumed prey, in scenarios that are bit more “sensual” than one would expect.

It’s not just playing with your food