Fashion Brunch at the Four Seasons

A visit to the Bridal Fashion Show & Brunch at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley to see some delicious fashions over meals and mimosas.

Karo Swimwear and Bikinis Spring and Summer Collection


TasteTV presents the Spring and Summer bikini collection of Karo Swimwear.

Karo-image004Karo Swimwear embraces modern, trendy swimwear silhouettes, with designs that can add a touch of glamour to any tropical scene. Incorporating jewelry into every piece made, Karo creates pieces displaying a feminine style with chic embellishments.

European-born designer Kasia Roginska has a created a unique line of swimwear that flatters women of many body shapes, and gives them classic-feeling yet cutting-edge prints, accoutrements and cuts.

The entire idea for KARO Swimwear was born in January 2013. This idea was to have some type of jewelry built into each piece. And that’s what KARO Swimwear is about today. It is inspired by natural stones, pearls, jewels and crystals. Colors are bright, bold and the suits are elegant and classy. Very feminine and unique.


Says Kasia about where she is now: “The idea is or was to have them handmade for the client to customize size and coverage. That’s how the line started. Now I’m revising some pieces and having them produced in standard sizes, but some of the more detailed and complicated will be kept for custom orders only.”


Watch the video feature below:

Haute Couture Paris fashion show features MIMI Tran and on aura tout vu



Recently at the legendary Fairmont Hotel in the chic Nob Hill area of San Francisco, Replete Skincare presented an Haute Couture fashion event featuring two top couture brands in the world, MIMI Tran and on aura tout vu. This was the first time the “on aura tout vu” fashion house showed their collection on American soil.

Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov of the Haute Couture accessory label, on aura tout vu (which means “We will have seen everything” or “That takes the cake” in French), presented a number of looks on the runway.

Entertaining and titillating the fashionista crowd was pop singer French, who walked the catwalk with a bevy of lovely models clad in shoes by participating LA-based luxury footwear designer, Konstantina Tzovolou.

Replete Skincare donated 10% of all ticket sales for the 2014 Haute Couture Fashion event to Reason to Party, an all-volunteer San Francisco 501(3)c non-profit that raises funds in fun ways for extraordinary local nonprofits. The funds are earmarked for Samasource, a nonprofit that helps connect poor women and youth to training and employment in the digital economy.

TasteTV photographs by C. Bliss, author of Street Style San Francisco. Other partners included FSHN Magazine.


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Need a Dress? Author Erin Mckean Has About 100



Erin McKeanAuthor Erin McKean has a thing about dresses, in particular, for iconic dress styles. That’s why she has recently released her new book on the topic, “THE HUNDRED DRESSES: The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time (Bloomsbury).”

Says Erin, “I spend way, way too much time thinking about dresses — not just how they look, but how they make their wearers feel. After blogging about dresses for so many years (since 2005, which is like the Pleistocene, in blogger time) I wanted to collect all my favorite dress ‘types’ in one place. And of course, the Eleanor Estes book has always been a favorite, so I wanted to pay it a bit of homage with the title.”

The Breakfast at TiffanysErin recounts how the project itself took about six months of work, and 1 year of planning with the illustrator, Donna Mehalko. Apparently this was not too long. Says Donna, “For me this was a dream project. I happily researched and worked on the drawings for the book over the course of a year. I researched by sourcing as many  images  in books, magazines and online that I could find that related to the list of dresses Erin had given me.  My goal was to illustrate the dresses, but also, I  wanted to capture a person I thought would wear each dress. Her attitude and gesture.” She adds, “It was our editor Nancy Miller’s idea to use illustrations for the book. Illustrations allowed for specificity but not necessarily an exact depiction of any dress. I think there is some room for the reader’s imagination.”


The Classic Party Dress

The dresses have a variety of names, ranging from the Bandage to the Sack, the Baby-doll to the Siren; the Wench; the Sari; the Vreeland; the Wrap; the Austen; the Beckham; the Chanel; the Ingenue; the Caftan; the Jackie; the Slip Dress; and the Biohazard. On the naming protocol, Mckean says, “The dresses named themselves. That was one of the tests for iconicity — if I couldn’t describe the dress in a few words and have someone (preferably someone who wasn’t a dress-lover) know what it was, then it wasn’t really an iconic dress. It’s funny — Jennifer Lopez has probably worn thousands of dresses in her career, but when I said ‘The J.Lo dress’ people knew instantly that I meant the green plunging number from the Grammys! And when I say ‘the Space Empress’ people can picture that, too.”

The Bond GirlDespite her large variety of choices, the style she personally wears most often is dirndl-style dress (close-fitting bodice and full skirt). “I’m also a huge fan of the June Cleaver. I like a big full skirt — easy to move in, and you can wear them while riding a bike.”




The Flashdance