Top Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Hunger

The search to find a truly healthy snack is one that is extremely valuable, and fortunately, one that we do every year for the Healthy Snack Awards. See some of our top picks!

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A lot of kids and many adults have food allergies, and that makes picking the right snack a chore.

The Best Healthy Gourmet Snacks of the Year

The world is full of fantastic, delicious, and innovative healthy gourmet snacks. That’s why we’ve tasted some of the best, and here’s what we found.

I Heart Keenwah’s Quinoa Puffs

Keenwah-quinoa-photo 1

I Heart Keenwah has a new line of quinoa puffs that are vegan, high in protein, GMO free, and gluten-free.

We were able to try two flavors. The Sweet Chili, and the Herbes de Provence.

Both had that crunchy taste that you can associate with snack chips, but were a little bit crunchier since they are spherical, not flat.

If you are already a quinoa lover then you’ll immediately sense the difference between these and potato-based snacks.

Keenwah-quinoa-photo 4

The two flavors are interesting. Spicy is a very popular snack flavor category these days, so the Sweet Chili makes sense to have on the roster. The taste certainly does have a kick.

The Herbes de Provence has a bit of a sage flavor profile, and our Official Tasters debated who would get the last bites of it that were left in the bag.

If gluten-free is your priority, or just something different and slightly addictive, these are a good choice.

Keenwah-quinoa-photo 2