How To: Get Noticed by Video-Site Tastemakers

Web Video Report has an interesting Video 101 How-To for novices on getting videos noticed by “Video Site Tastemakers.” Some key points:

Save Money on Equipment … But Not Too Much
Don’t worry about buying a top-of-the-line professional camera to make your videos. Part of the charm of web-videos is their DIY charm. Having that said, most video sharing sites (ie. Dailymotion) are launching higher quality video, so you don’t want your videos to look TOO DIY … go with a mid-range video camera and you should be fine.

Find Your Own Voice
This is so important. Everyone is inspired by others, but make sure you’re taking inspiration and not copying. Viewers respond to originality, so do what comes naturally and don’t look back.

Keep It Short
Video shouldn’t drag on longer than 3-5 minutes. Users are one click away from distractions online, so the second a user gets bored, they will click away to something else.

Short Intros and Credits
Keep your intro simple and get your voice across in as few moments as possible. Your credits should fly by quickly, so save the fade-ins and dissolves for longer format films.

Once you’ve found your own, unique voice, let it be heard. Don’t be afraid to speak up and be yourself, but do make sure you have the proper microphone. Nothing kills a perfectly executed dialogue like the tin-can effect of a poor sound-recording job.

Get your friend’s band to record something for you or lend you a track or two rather than ripping off Britney … or do something yourself. Besides, it’s illegal to use music that you don’t have the rights to, and who needs a lawsuit for using Metallica in the soundtrack to their freeboard blooper reel?

Edit Edit Edit
Trim the fat–the most viewed videos will flow uninterrupted by long breaks in action. Remember that viewers on the Web will click right away if they get bored by a long drawn-out sequence. Cut out unnecessary frames and keep the momentum for your viewer.

Use a Descriptive and Attention-Grabbing Title
Don’t include your profile/user name in the video title — use that space for a descriptive/funny/informative/attention-getting title.