Bloggers chime in about Online Television and Hulu

Hulu is making a big splash among online television viewers, and several bloggers have added their input into why. Here are few choice excerpts from blogs that we like (and may just invite to the next New Media Tastemakers Summit):

Blog: Daniela’s Lair

OhMyHeartness for and Consumer Behavior

Bye bye TV.

My recent consistent usage of helps to demonstrate the way young people consume content. I stopped distinguishing between “video online” and “video on TV” a long time ago. The way I watch “video” has nothing to do with air time or brand loyalty. Here are my content viewing factors:

– geography

– mood

– current interest

Blog: From Angel to Private Equity


I have used the site and it was pretty impressive. It was clean, easy to use and the video quality was excellent. Venture Beat,in it’s overall severely flawed analysis , strangly noted that “Hulu’s primary problem is that it doesn’t own any of the content on its site and is beholden to its content partners such as NBC and Fox.” . That seems like an advantage to us. In other words because this is a joint venture NBC and Fox are in a great position to become a leader if not the leader in the media driven web 2.0 world. Content is king. NBC and Fox own alot of content. NBC and Fox own 90% of Hulu. They will market the hell out of it. Given the low barriers to entry in the video market Hulu should succeed in a big way. Joost and others will likely end up in the dust. This is the first step in cutting out the middlemen like Youtube and others…..Of course nothing is that simple, Google will “fight back” but the lines have been drawn. Same in the fight with Itunes. Media companies want their content back. And they will get what they want

Blog: The Gadgeteer

Afternoon video break at

I just received an email from Erica Colon about a very cool online video service called Hulu. Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips, is FREE to anyone, anytime in the US. The quality of the video is amazing and has been praised by The Washington Post, TIME, Business Week, the Chicago Tribune, Fortune, and the AP. Hulu allows anyone to embed video on any site for free (any specific part of any clip, movie, or TV show). Content includes main stream shows such as Family Guy, SNL, The Office, NBA sports, classic TV shows, and movies as well as a variety of “undiscovered” shows like Three Sheets, After Hours, Pressure Cook, Test Drive, Wall Street Warriors, etc.

I just watched the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I forgot how much fun that show was. Hulu has the what appears to be the entire 1st and 2nd seasons. The shows do have commercials, but in that Buffy episode that I watched, there were just 5 ads and each was only 15 seconds long. Didn’t bother me at all. Go check it out… I’m off to watch Buffy episode 2. :o)

What more can we say? Online viewers really do like quality online programming, as well as sometimes the kitten falling asleep videos.

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