Kanye, Taylor, Obama and Serena – the New Media Impact; possible Video Games?

IF the power of the impact of New Media was ever in doubt, the swiftness of the number of millions of viewers, commentors, bloggers, and twitters in response to the recent public scandals surrounding Kanye West, and Serena Williams, plus coverage of President Obama and Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA event, is proof.

Here’s our compilation album (for as long as it lasts; note – the images online and in blogs never goes away, it’s there for as long as the Internet lasts)

Taylor Swift Wins VMA: Kanye Interjects

Beyonce Helps Taylor

Kanye Goes on Leno to apologize; he’s contrite

Someone Mashes Kanye and Obama

And to top if off, when asked off record what the President thought of Kanye’s perfomance at the VMA, the President said he was a “jackass.” Which then an ABC reporter posted on Twitter (until ABC retracted it, apologized, and acted contrite about)

You’ve gotta love! (or fear it!)

And let’s not even start on Serena. She killed her tennis racket, then threatened to shove a tennis ball down the line ref’s throat for a questionable call.

Dude, that’s so uncool.

VCs: How can we make a video game from this?