Festive Zyliss Knives for Holiday Cooking


With the Holidays around us, you might be doing a lot of cutting, chopping and dicing food. If so, why not brighten up every slice with the festive Coated Knife Collection from Zyliss. The Zyliss Coated Knife Collection was launched in 2013, and features 6 knives in a variety of colors ranging from orange to blue.

Zyliss-Knife-IMG_8045-webFor home cooks, we recommend the following for every day use:

  • Coated Bread Knife 8 inch
  • Coated Carving Knife, 7.5 inch
  • Coated Chef’s Knife, 7.25 inch
  • Coated Santoku Knife 6.75 inch
  • Coated Serrated Paring Knife 3.75 inch

A few additional key features to consider:

  • Every knife blade in the Zyliss Coated Knife Collection is made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 50-52C which holds a sharp edge well and is easy to resharpen
  • Color-specific, nonstick coating makes knife easy to use, easy to identify and easy to clean
  • Sculpted, ergonomic handle with textured soft grip is easy to hold, even when hands are wet
  • Blade covers included for safe storage or to take knives on-the-go

… and yes, they are very pretty, but also very sharp.