Karo Swimwear and Bikinis Spring and Summer Collection


TasteTV presents the Spring and Summer bikini collection of Karo Swimwear.

Karo-image004Karo Swimwear embraces modern, trendy swimwear silhouettes, with designs that can add a touch of glamour to any tropical scene. Incorporating jewelry into every piece made, Karo creates pieces displaying a feminine style with chic embellishments.

European-born designer Kasia Roginska has a created a unique line of swimwear that flatters women of many body shapes, and gives them classic-feeling yet cutting-edge prints, accoutrements and cuts.

The entire idea for KARO Swimwear was born in January 2013. This idea was to have some type of jewelry built into each piece. And that’s what KARO Swimwear is about today. It is inspired by natural stones, pearls, jewels and crystals. Colors are bright, bold and the suits are elegant and classy. Very feminine and unique.


Says Kasia about where she is now: “The idea is or was to have them handmade for the client to customize size and coverage. That’s how the line started. Now I’m revising some pieces and having them produced in standard sizes, but some of the more detailed and complicated will be kept for custom orders only.”


Watch the video feature below: