The GOOSE-OFF Chefs Competition

Goose Off IMG_2416TasteTV had the pleasure of both creating and hosting the 1st Annual Goose-Off Chef’s Competition, where the main ingredient was… goose!

The event took place at Bloomindale’s Culinary demonstration kitchen in downtown San Francisco, and the theme was goose for the Holidays. Over 40 people reserved seats for this 5-Course tasting event.

logo2Five local chefs were provided with a whole goose by Schiltz Foods Roasted Goose, and challenged with using it to create a unique and delicious recipe. Their results were tasted and judged by a panel of food & wine media judges, as well as by attendees. The panel consisted of Cindy Wong-Chen (China Live), Amy Sherman (Cooking with Amy), Pam Elder (Culinary Forum), Chef Gigi Gagero, and Alexandria Christakos (Draeger’s Specialty Market).


The lineup of chefs for the Goose-Off:
1) Adam Hubbell
Chef/Owner The Lunchpad,
San Francisco

2) Chef Maurice Dissels
Birk’s Restaurant,
Santa Clara

3) Chef Jason Raffin
Scotland Yard,
San Francisco

4) Chef Michael Wisniewski
Cherry Tree Catering
Bay Area

5) Chef Sam Sussman
McKay’s Taphouse and Beer Garden, Facebook page



Jerk Goose Sandwich

Goose Off IMG_6246Chef Adam Hubbell, The LunchPad, San Francisco
For the past three years, Chef Adam Hubbell has delighted Hayes Valley by creating artisan sandwiches with a twist. Inspired by his mother at a young age, Hubbell always knew his calling included an apron. He began his culinary career at the ripe age of 17, starting as a line cook at The Mustard Seed in Indianapolis. From 2006-2012, Hubbell served as Head Chef at Serrano’s in Boulder, CO. Simultaneously, he partnered with friends to start a sauce company called “Perfect Pairings” – your one stop shop for sauces and dry rubs. His experience in Boulder shines through with his love for spicy food. Currently, he serves at Owner/Head Chef at “The LunchPad” within Noir Lounge. He is looking to expand “The LunchPad” concept come 2016.

Goose Cassoulet

Goose Off IMG_6250
• Michael Wisniewski, Cherry Tree Catering
Chef Owner of Cherry Tree Catering and Culinary Service Director of Aegis San Francisco
Inspired By the likes of Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, Michael changed careers in his early thirties, turning to food. He has worked in French Hotels, restaurants, in Catering and in Corporate and Senior Dining. His inspiration is the food itself, drawing off its simplicity and taste.
My offering is a twist on the classic cassoulet dish from the French kitchen, with familial influences.

Chef Michael also created a Goose Mousse from a goose liver ingredient.

Goose Off IMG_6232

Goose confit salad with a caramelized habanero, mixed berry, goose fat vinaigrette

Goose Off IMG_6280Sam Sussman, Executive Chef, McKay’s Tap House, Pleasanton
Sam Sussman successfully transitioned from the college football field to the kitchen after receiving a degree in Culinary Arts. However he’s been passionate about creating wonderful meals since he was a youngster.  
“I’d come home from practice super hungry and often couldn’t wait for my mom to cook a meal.  I watched food shows as much as I watched ESPN so it was pretty easy.”
Sam enjoys flipping a classic dish on its head while retaining original concepts and flavors. His culinary idol is Gordon Ramsay, not only because of Chef Ramsay’s 16 Michelin stars, but because he is so passionate about his craft.
Chef Sam prepared a goose confit salad with a caramelized habanero, mixed berry, goose fat vinaigrette. He used frisee, goose crackling, pickled shallots, baby heirloom tomatoes, and micro mint.

British-South American Style Goose with a brioche stuffing and roasted winter vegetables. with sherry wine and pan jus

Goose Off IMG_6288Maurice Dissels, Executive Chef, Birk’s Restaurant
Influenced and inspired by my grandmother’s cooking, this is definitely a hybrid of her goose recipe! south American born, Chef Dissels elected to use spices that I grew up with in British Guyana-we use five basic ingredients; allspice, chili, green onion, ginger, herbs-the geese have been deboned and slow cooked for 24 hours and cold smoked for 4 hours, then put into a 350 degree oven to crisp up the skin. served with a brioche stuffing and roasted winter vegetables. with sherry wine and pan jus.  

Goose Bread Pudding: Poached Cranberries, Candied Pistachios, Goose Confit, Nitro Creme Fraiche

Goose Off IMG_6241• Chef Jason Raffin, Scotland Yard
Scotland Yard is a New American gastropub and lounge nestled in the heart of the Marina District in San Francisco. With indoor and outdoor dining available, Scotland Yard blends a Victorian style dark and rich interiors, with San Francisco flair giving the space a feeling that exudes both class and comfort. We pair fresh and exciting food with a unique local beer and small production wine selections that compliment and inspire the ambience as well as our guests.
Jason has always had a passion for fresh innovative food. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, and completing a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Jason gained valuable experience working and externing for premier restaurants such as Morimotos and Scala’s Bistro. With over 10 years of experience, Jason, the former executive chef BIN 38, applies his knowledge and creativity to the Scotland Yard time with memorable meals and experiences.


The Judges Top 2 Choices from the Goose-Off Competition were:


Guests attending the Goose-Off voted on their Top 2 Choices. Their voting resulted in a 3-way split between:

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