Mixture designer candles offer long-lasting scents and style for the Home

Scented candles are often featured in chic home design stores and boutiques. When you walk in their doors you are comforted by fragrances and smells that you wish your home could duplicate. But one thing you don’t realize is how short the lifespan of those fragrances can be once you get them home.

That’s why when you find a candle whose fragrance lasts a long time you cherish it, and tell everyone who will listen about it. That is the case with the Mixture brand of soy candles.

We have found that the Mixture line of candles not only smell good, but also that based on TasteTV testing those fragrances can last for as long as six months or more.

The Mixture fragrances come in a number of different combinations. They are also offered in an actual 6″ cocotte pot which once used for the candle can then be washed and used for cooking. The 6″ ceramic mini bakers with a lid make a great addition to any kitchen, and come in four colors: Lime, Blue, Tangerine or Yellow. (OVEN, MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE)

The scent we tested for endurance was Pumpkin Spice, but they also come in a variety of seasonal and themed combinations, such as the “summer escape” scents. “Summer scents” are created to allow you to ‘escape to the ocean with refreshing summer scents adding a beachy ambiance to any home.’ They include:

Sea Salt: Fresh & Salty with a strong marina character. Mixed with coconut, tropical fruits and tuberose finished off with dominate white musk.
Beach Fire: Wood and smoky hues invoke a sense of nostalgia and opulent nights that bring you that rich and warm scent.
Water Fire: This not so subtle fragrance opens up with fierly black pepper & tangerine followed by citrus flower, oakmoss and aquatic notes.
Marine: Sensuous & Sparkling this scent conveys a masculine aura of marine notes with fruit, herbs, and wood.

Started in April 2008 as a just secondary business by the founders, today Mixture has over eighty (80) fragrances and fifty (50) products, shown in all the major markets. Mixture now employees around thirty (30) people who work out of a local production facility in Kansas which is over 10,000 square feet.

9325 W 53rd St, Merriam, KS 66203