Dyson Unleashes the Cleaning Kraken with the DV8 Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson V8  looks like it comes directly from a Science Fiction film, or is at least the spawn of a Tech daydream. Which makes sense, considering the engineers who put together this beast of a vacuum device used every trick in the book… and then put the book in a very attractive package.


As homes get smaller, cars get dirtier, and offices get more cluttered, the need for a good cordless vacuum grows daily. Unfortunately, a few brand names that are synonymous with the term ‘cordless vacuum’ no longer perform as well as expected. Nothing is more frustrating than putting the device in the charger, then when needed having it put forth a weak effort to suck up a few crumbs, then run out of power. That’s why we are determined to find the next generation that meets the needs of this generation.

One strong contender: The Dyson V8. The V8 is the next model after the popular V6, and it has incorporated many upgrades. These improvement are based on better technology, and also on customer feedback. That’s right, they listened to customers and it’s in the new product!


We put the DV8 through several cleaning tests to see how it would hold up. For each one, we used the corresponding attachment.

The tests included cleaning the office hardwood floor, cleaning a home carpet, cleaning a leather ottoman (the ottoman buttons, where crumbs and dust gather), cleaning a carpeted stair, cleaning the front seats and floor of a car, cleaning the cup holder in a car, cleaning a kitchen floor with gathered food particles on it, and cleaning a black sweater.

The only task where it achieved results that were not four-star stellar was in cleaning the black sweater. However, this was not included in the product specs, so we give it an E for Effort.

Frankly, there’s ‘cleaning‘, and then there’s finding out that there is an entirely new level of dirt and dust in your home and office that you never new existed until you have Cleaned. Now you know, because the DV8 has vacuumed it into a transparent basket container that lets you appreciate its full-throttled handiwork.

  • No On/Off Switch

    That’s right. None. But it has something better. A trigger that you squeeze when you need to use it, like a power drill. A faster and simpler solution.

  • A "Maximum Suction" Option

    For when you need to “dial it up to 11”

  • Wind Power

    “Cyclone Technology” means Cyclone and cyclones of energy

  • Lightweight

    When a device is cordless, that means it is meant to be portable. But not if it weighs a ton. Which is why at 5.8 pounds the DV8 is practical in size and heft.

  • Stylish Design

    How often do you just want to admire the lines on your vacuum? Rarely, until now.

  • More Space and More Power

    The DV6 was great, but the DV8 has almost 30% more storage space in the debris basket, and 50% more power

  • Attachments Galore

    Some are powered, some are not, but it’s got you covered for floors, hardwood, carpets, beds, couches, ottomans, cars, corners, ceilings, tables. However, stay away from cats.

  • Intuitively Easy to Use

    Read the manual? Not if you don’t want to.

  • Cleanable Filters

    Easy to remove and rinse cleanable HEPA and other filters.

  • Long Battery Life

    Up to 40 minutes on one charge of its Lithium Ion battery. If you are vacuuming for longer than 40 minutes at a time, you should get some help.


In sum, we give the Dyson V8 a 4 rating for performance, utility, and design.

The downside for all of this is that you get what you pay for, or in other words, you’re going to pay for it. The starting price is around $600 US. But it definitely seems worth it.

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