Muuna Cottage Cheese with Natural Fruit challenges Greek Yogurt’s Reign

If you’ve ever wished that cottage cheese were as popular as Greek Yogurt, your wish might be about to come true. The brand Muuna has released a collection of protein-rich cottage cheese products each flavored with natural fruits, and similar to how yogurt is offered and packaged in specially design tubs.

Greek Yogurt sales have skyrocketed. According to the Dairy Reporter, in 2007 Greek Yogurt was merely 1% of the US yogurt market, but by 2015 it had captured as much as 50-60% of the market. However, according to the Washington Post, Greek Yogurt sales are slowing, and it is actually becoming ‘old.’

Per the Post:  Mostly, the slowdown is a simple matter of fatigue. Americans, having learned about and loved a new food, are now looking for the next thing as they are wont to do. “We grow tired of things pretty quickly here in the United States,” said Koerten, who reminds that not long ago frozen yogurt was atop the ice cream world (it’s now “facing oblivion”).

What this means for Muuna is now is the time to strike the America palate. Fortunately, it comes in a variety of natural fruit flavors aimed directly at that health conscious palate. These include Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Mango, and Pineapple. They can be eaten straight or used in recipes such as cheesecake or cornbread, and the plain version can be used in recipes like lasagna. On the health side, Muuna’s Lowfat Plain Cottage Cheese has only 120 calories, 4g sugar, and 19g protein per 5.3oz container. It also contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Our Taster Says: “Consistency is a little runnier than regular cottage cheese. Flavor is good, not too sweet. This is tasty. Could be a good way for parents to get some protein and calcium into their kids.”

You can see more about Muuna from their cool product video below: