Cucumber Sake? TYKU Sake Comes in Four Tasty Flavors

If you think sake can only be paired with Japanese dishes, think again. It pairs with a lot more cuisines than Asian, and is also a great ingredient in cocktails.

Now you can even do pairing using different sake flavors. TYKU has tasty sake that comes in the classic Junmai Ginjo, polished so only 55% of the grain remains. This process removes impurities and refines taste. TYKU also has a Coconut Nigori sake, a Cucumber sake, and a Junmai Daiginjo sake.

The Coconut Nigori sake is infused with the flavor of coconut, and from our tastings, it is like drinking the real thing. In fact, if you close your eyes you can imagine that you are drinking sake directly from a coconut shell on the beach or in a tropical cabana. Unexpected, and you can imagine the fantastic pairing and sipping possibilities.

The Cucumber sake is similar in effect. It does not taste like artificial cucumber flavoring, it tastes exactly like a sake infused with real cucumbers (best chilled).

TYKU sake is however traditional and premium in that it is made from only 4 ingredients – non-GMO rice, pure soft water, yeast, and handmade koji.

Little known fact, when some restaurants cannot afford a high-priced liquor license for cocktails, they use sake or shoju in the drinks instead. Why? Because these are considered “wines”, not “spirits.”

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SAKE 101:

What is it?
Sake is a clean alternative to wine. Made from only four all-natural ingredients (rice, water, yeast, and koji), TYKU sake is five times less acidic than wine and is free of gluten, sulfites, and tannins.

How to serve it
It’s traditional Japanese etiquette to pour for others but never for yourself. The signature tiny cups used to serve sake are intentionally small to promote sharing and the honor of pouring (and re-pouring) for others.

How to drink it
Premium sake like is best enjoyed chilled but also works great in cocktails.