This Fry Pan Makes Bacon Taste Better

This 12.5-inch Williams Sonoma Professional Nonstick Fry Pan makes bacon taste better.

The pan is made in Denmark with 100% recycled aluminum, reinforced with ceramic-titanium particles and coated with a patented PFOA-free Green Tek nonstick cooking surface. It’s extra-thick aluminum base is pressure forged, and the cast-aluminum body is reinforced with ceramic titanium particles permanently bonded to the pan.

It’s also dishwasher safe.

This fry pan makes bacon taste better. That’s a fact based on our in-kitchen taste tests while using it. The story behind these results is that for over a year we have been cooking a particular brand of bacon to test pans. Usually the bacon tastes the same, and what we are looking for is how long it cooks, how well the pan stands up to usage, ease of use, etc.

Strangely, one of the first things we noticed after testing this specific fry pan was that the bacon tasted different. It seemed to taste… better. Everyone agreed that this batch of bacon was quite good. But it could have just been that day’s bacon, right? So a week later we tried it again. Same result. The bacon tasted better. Then a few days later… the bacon tasted better.

Why does it taste better? We can only give a few reasons that sound scientific, like the dispersion of heat across the surface of the pan, or the heat retention capacity, or perhaps something about the actual texture and composition of the non-stick material. Or, it could have been the shape of the pan (sides are a bit lower than on some pans), or even the handle.

We don’t know why. But we can say that based on our experience, this fry pan makes bacon taste better.