Music California Video Awards announce Viewers Choice Award Winners

TasteTV and the MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS announced today the winners of the 2017 Viewers Choice Awards. The Viewers Choice Awards were voted on by viewers, fans and social media followers, and share the honor among the Top 6 vote-getters.

The Viewers Choice Award Winners are:

  • Meresha, “Enter The Dreamland”
  • Stormy Strong, “Holiday”
  • Aaron Orbit, “Agua Mala”
  • Kaleigh, “Fading”
  • California Roots Festival theme song
  • Rebecca Jade, “Weather The Storm”

TasteTV’s Music California Video Awards will release the names of additional winners in other award categories over the upcoming week, leading up to the awards event on February 22nd in San Francisco. The MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS show takes place in one of San Francisco’s unique music venues, Neck of the Woods, and is an amazing evening bringing together music videos, musician appearances, fans, and of course music video awards.

Other Music California Video Award Categories include:

  • Best Male Solo Artist
  • Best Female Solo Artist
  • Best Band
  • Best Movement (Choreography)
  • Best Eye (Cinematography)
  • Coolest Effects
  • Lyrics and Verse
  • Hottest of them All
  • Made Me Laugh (Humor)
  • Most California
  • Best Music Video

Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite
and on Facebook

The MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS are an offshoot of TasteTV’s music television series for the San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country, “MUSIC CALIFORNIA“. Reaching over 2.5 million households on PBS-affiliate station KRCB, MUSIC CALIFORNIA brings a festival of West Coast music to California viewers. The series includes featured music videos and interviews from California-based bands, artists, and musicians. More at

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