All-Natural American Artisan Prosciutto cured with Sicilian Sea Salt

Niman Ranch has expanded its line of artisan meats, and launched the first Certified Humane® domestic prosciutto. Already known for raising livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably, this is an exciting step into a product line that is growing in demand by North American diners, and is sometimes considered a luxury item.

Fortunately, you can eat delicious meat and support ethical farming practices. All Niman Ranch pork, beef, lamb and prepared products are certified under the Certified Humane® program and available nationwide at both food service and retail locations.

Says Jeff Tripician, Niman Ranch general manager, “We developed this line to honor the time and care our farmers put into raising the animals. The age-old process of dry curing high quality product intensifies the flavor of our heritage breed pork and results in exceptional flavor.”

The pork’s highly marbled legs are coated in Sicilian Sea Salt to cure in the traditional old world Italian style. The legs are aged for over a year to remove the water and intensify the flavor and color. Pork, salt and time are the simple ingredients in all prosciutto.

Using time honored techniques by a family who has been curing prosciutto for three generations, it takes up to a year to perfect the taste of each ham. Each leg is left whole and then hand-trimmed, coated by hand with Sicilian Sea Salt that is specifically used for the curing process. The ham is then cured in multiple environments that mimic the traditional seasonal process of making prosciutto in old world Italy. These environments have been replicated inside a state of the art facility. Over time, the leg loses half of its weight during the drying process. As the water is removed, the flavor of our pork intensifies for a sweet, rich taste.

Certified Humane® Program

Certified Humane® program products are raised by a community of small, independent U.S. family hog farmers who adhere to some of the strictest animal welfare protocols in the industry, including:

  • No antibiotics – EVER
  • No gestation or farrowing crates
  • Raised outside or deeply bedded pens
  • Never fed animal by-products

Niman Ranch Hog Farmer #1, Paul Willis, started selling pork chops to Alice Waters and Judy Rogers in 1995.

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