Celebrity Star Phillip Keene of MAJOR CRIMES shares Lifestyle Tips

Phillip Keene, who stars as ‘Buzz Watson,’ the tech savvy member of LAPD’s exclusive squad on TNT’s hit drama series “Major Crimes.” In the long running series, his elite team works on some of the highest priority cases in Los Angeles.

Growing up between South America and Orange County, off screen Phillip has quite the extraordinary path (Miami, London, a UCLA double major in history and art history and taking acting classes on the side) leading him to his storied career as an actor franchise which includes TNT’s “The Closer“.

Phillip also has some great lifestyle tips on food and gardening that he’s picked up along the way.


“At Home” Feature: Phillip recently renovated an incredible 1927 Spanish style home recently featured in the Los Angeles Times and located in Los Feliz,

Travel/Pan Am Collection: Phillip’s love for his past career traveling with Pan Am never faded, and he has amassed one the largest collectors of the airline’s iconic memorabilia. Since he began collection in 1996, his collection has grown to over 3,500 pieces and includes matchboxes, posters, uniforms and tableware. 


1. PHILLIP: Hard boiled eggs are always challenging for me to remove the shells. If you steam them in a vegetable steamer basket for 15 minutes, instead of boiling the eggs , the shells are much easier to remove.

2. PHILLIP: I love rice with so many dishes but it can be a bit bland on its own, I like to use either broth or coconut milk to cook my rice. It adds a great bit of flavor and smells really good, too. Sometimes I add a few cinnamon sticks and cloves to the rice for an extra oomph.

3. PHILLIP: Homemade stock is always better if you have the time, but who does? An easier way to make this is to do it overnight in a slow cooker. Set it on low and in the morning you’ll have beautiful stock that you didn’t have to watch.

4. PHILLIP: Grilled fish can be a challenge, it can stick and then fall apart when trying to get it off the grill. Use lemon slices under the fish to keep it from sticking. It also imparts a nice bit of citrus flavor to your seafood.

5. PHILLIP: Who doesn’t love hash browns? A quick and easy way to make them is in your waffle iron. Less mess and they’ll get nice and crispy.


1. PHILLIP: No one likes weeds. But so many weed killers are bad for the environment. Make a solution of white vinegar and some dish soap, put it in a spray bottle and there you go. The dish soap helps the vinegar adhere to the plant leaves, making it a natural and eco-friendly “killer” solution.

2. PHILLIP: Hanging baskets are pretty, but seem to dry out very quickly. An easy fix is to use either diapers or sanitary napkins to line the bottom of the basket. The pads will retain water for your plants and help keep them hydrated after you have watered them. I discovered this tip while flying as a flight attendant. They are both great for cleaning up spills.

3. PHILLIP: After cooking veggies or eggs, don’t dump the water down the drain. After it has cooled, use it to water your plants.

4. PHILLIP: If you like to grow your own seedlings, use leftover empty paper tubes from toilet paper or towels. Cut to size, and fold the ends in to make a receptacle for your baby plants.

5.PHILLIP: I love the look of vertical gardens but they can be expensive to create. An easier solution is to make them from rain gutters! Most DIY centers will have the necessary materials. Place the brackets on the wall, “hang” the gutters, then fill with soil. Plant and water, watch it grow.