The latest footwear designs from ECCO

TasteTV reviews ECCO footwear’s latest season’s models for men and women:
The Collin, The Clayton, and the Sculptured 65.

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Big in Japan: Miranda Kerr for Lipton Limone

They say that Japan Inc. pays Western celebrities well for product endorsements, so making it big in Japan is a good way to go if you can get the work.

Case in point, this incredibly cute ad by Miranda Kerr for Lipton Limone

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The Gorilly Popup Mobile Showroom

When you think you want to take your new products on the road from neighborhood to neighborhood for people to see and try, then the new Gorilly Popup Showrooms are one way to do it.
Set up inside of a truck, these showrooms are as mobile as you can get.

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ArtPadSF returns for another year to the Phoenix Hotel

ArtPadSF returns for another year to the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco. This annual art fair is one of the most unique on the West Coast.

For example, each gallery does not set up a booth… They set up a mini gallery inside of each motel room.

Guests can wander in and out of rooms at leisure, stop at the hip restaurant that is part of the motel, or sit by the pool with a drink.

The atmosphere is vibrant and the work is fantastic.

May 16-19th,

ECCO Shoes unveils new Summer Styles for Men and Women

Unlike many upscale shoe makers, the popular brand ECCO has unveiled a line of updated shoes for both men and women, just in time for the warm summer weather season.

Some of our picks that are both stylish and practical for active days and nights:

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