Gift Guide: 16 Artisan Snacks for the Healthy Eater

These are our tasty choices for the healthy snacker, and they make great gifts. Snacking is part of life in this busy world. Fortunately you can happily snack without adding tons of undesired calories, preservatives, or other dietary issues into your mouth.

Best Tasty Honeys of the Year

The world is full of fantastic, delicious, and innovative honey. That’s why our panel of experts tastes each year some of the best, and ranks and celebrates what they find. These are their top award picks for 2017.

TasteTV announces the 2017 Honey Awards

TasteTV and the TASTE AWARDS Committee are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the TOP ARTISAN HONEY OF THE YEAR for 2017 is open.This annual Juried Awards competition rewards the Top Honeys of the Year.

Products from the across the North America and the globe are included into this competition, and submitted to a select panel of food & wine media and industry judges. This panel tastes, reviews and votes on which they consider to be the “Top Honey of the Year.”

In addition, the “Best Honey” award winners from this competition are given the title, “Official Honey Partner of the TASTE AWARDS.”

Entries are judged in the following categories:

  • Best Flavor
  • Best Texture
  • Best Packaging
  • Highest Quality
  • Most Unique
  • Overall Experience

Note: Important to non-North American Submissions, check with Customs requirements before shipping in order to expedite timely arrival.

For more Information or to Register by June 19th (or earlier is slots no longer available), go to