Media Alert: Music California Video Awards announce Six Award Winners

TasteTV and the MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS announced today six additional winners of the 2017 Awards.

  • Best Movement (Choreography): KORR-A “Cali Love”
  • Best Eye (Cinematography): Austin David, “Find Me a New Way”
  • Makes Us Laugh: Will Jay, “Leading Man”
  • True California: Hal B1n0, “Sour Grapes”
  • Best Love Song: Travis Marsh, “Don’t Call Me”
  • This Rocks: Roger Jaeger, “Elevator”

TasteTV’s Music California Video Awards will release the names of additional winners in other award categories over the upcoming week, leading up to the awards event on February 22nd in San Francisco. The MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS show takes place in one of San Francisco’s unique music venues, Neck of the Woods, and is an amazing evening bringing together music videos, musician appearances, fans, and of course music video awards.

Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite
and on Facebook

The MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS are an offshoot of TasteTV’s music television series for the San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country, “MUSIC CALIFORNIA”. Reaching over 2.5 million households on PBS-affiliate station KRCB, MUSIC CALIFORNIA brings a festival of West Coast music to California viewers. The series includes featured music videos and interviews from California-based bands, artists, and musicians. More at

Official sponsors of the “MUSIC CALIFORNIA VIDEO AWARDS” include: Clubcard Printing and more.

Mignon, Marti, Amano, and Amella receive THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD

The International Chocolate Salon has announced that it is presenting Mignon Chocolate, Marti Chocolatt, Amano Artisan Chocolate, and Amella Caramels with THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD.


THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD recipients are selected based on either having received numerous chocolate salon awards over the years, or having made a significant impact in the world of taste and chocolate, particularly in the Los Angeles area.

Mignon Chocolate, Marti Chocolatt, and Amella Caramels are based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Amano Artisan Chocolate is based in Utah.


Sometimes TasteTV and the Chocolate Salon just want to have a little fun, and that’s why we made this faux trailer for a movie we might make someday: LAND OF THE CHOCOLATE GIANTS.

The idea is based on an science fiction television series from the 1960’s, called, “Land of the Giants.” A group of travelers arrive on a space ship to a world where everything is the same as their own, except it’s larger.

In our case, it’s larger, and in chocolate.



Luxury Gifts for Guys No. 4

Guys love cool gifts with a luxury edge, and when you have occasions such as Father’s Day, Valentines Day, birthdays and the Holidays, there are plenty of reasons to offer them.
Here are some of our latest picks to help the gents with looking good, and feeling great.

TasteTV’s new series MUSIC CALIFORNIA Launches

TasteTV is proud to announce that it’s newest television series, MUSIC CALIFORNIA, debuts on KRCB Television in the San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country, and various locations in Northern California.

MUSIC CALIFORNIA features music, performances, and videos by artists from, in, or about California, the Golden State.

The program plays on selected Saturday nights at 11pm and 11:30pm, and the first two episodes include music by the following:

Episode 1:

  • David Lazarus
  • Scrub & Ace Ha
  • weareTheBigBang
  • Noodlez
  • Rebecca Jade
  • The Christopher Brothers
  • Alex Alexander

Episode 2:

  • KORR-A
  • Alex di Leo
  • Kristine Mirelle
  • Charles Wright
  • David Haerle
  • California Roots Festival

See more MUSIC CALIFORNIA information at:

TasteTV announces the 2017 Honey Awards

TasteTV and the TASTE AWARDS Committee are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the TOP ARTISAN HONEY OF THE YEAR for 2017 is open.This annual Juried Awards competition rewards the Top Honeys of the Year.

Products from the across the North America and the globe are included into this competition, and submitted to a select panel of food & wine media and industry judges. This panel tastes, reviews and votes on which they consider to be the “Top Honey of the Year.”

In addition, the “Best Honey” award winners from this competition are given the title, “Official Honey Partner of the TASTE AWARDS.”

Entries are judged in the following categories:

  • Best Flavor
  • Best Texture
  • Best Packaging
  • Highest Quality
  • Most Unique
  • Overall Experience

Note: Important to non-North American Submissions, check with Customs requirements before shipping in order to expedite timely arrival.

For more Information or to Register by June 19th (or earlier is slots no longer available), go to