Recipe: Love You Berry Much Sparkler

The heat is turning up, and nothing refreshes like some fruit juice

Of course, it is much more refreshing with something sparkling in it.

Love You Berry Much Sparkler

3 oz VOGA Sparkling
.75 oz Strawberry Liqueur
2 oz Strawberry Puree
0.5 oz Lemon Juice
1.5 Tsp. Sugar
Mint for Garnish
Combine VOGA Sparkling, strawberry liqueur, strawberry puree, lemon juice and sugar in a glass. Stir and garnish with mint. 

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Cocktail Recipes for Beach Plum Gin Liqueur


Greenhook Ginsmiths– Brooklyn’s boutique based distillery releases its second run of the highly regarded small batch BEACH PLUM GIN LIQUEUR. 

What can you do with it? Here are a few ideas:



2oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin

½ oz earl grey and mint infused simple syrup

½ oz lemon juice

2 dashes Black tea bitters or Angostura bitters

Fever Tree Bitter lemon


Add Beach Plum Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters to mixing glass. Stir with ice. Strain into rocks-filled Collins glass. Top with Fever Tree Bitter lemon. Garnish with mint sprig.


**Earl Grey and Mint infused simple syrup

1 earl grey teabag

1 cup demerara sugar

1 cup fresh mint leaves

2 cups boiling water


Stir until sugar is dissolved in water. Remove teabag. Strain mint leaves.



1oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin

½ oz Yellow “Jaune” Chartreuse

½ oz Gran Marnier or Triple Sec

½ oz tangerine juice

Brut Champagne

crushed ice



Add Beach Plum Gin, Chartreuse, Gran Marnier, and tangerine to mixing glass. Shake with ice. Strain into crushed ice- filled wine glass. Top with Champagne. Garnish with orange twist.



2oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin

½ oz lime juice

½ oz vanilla simple syrup

egg white

Rare Lime Bitters

Peychaud’s Bitters



Add Beach Plum Gin, vanilla simple syrup, lime juice, egg white, and Lime Bitters to shaker. Cover and “dry” shake vigorously. Add ice and shake. Strain into coup or cocktail glass. Top with 3-4 drops Pechaud’s Bitters.


** Vanilla Simple Syrup

1 vanilla bean

1 cup demerara sugar

2 cups boiling water



1oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin

1oz Greenhook Gin

½ oz Dolin Blanc Vermouth

½ oz Bonal Gentiane Quina

Angostura Bitters



Add Beach Plum Gin, gin, Dolin Blanc, Bonal, and bitters to mixing glass. Add ice. Stir. Strain into coup or cocktail glass. Garnish with burnt orange peel.




1½ oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin

½ oz Sambuca agli Agrumi

1 oz grapefruit juice

vanilla kosher salt and sugar mixture



Rim coup or cocktail glass with vanilla sugar/salt mixture. Add Beach Plum Gin, Sambuca, and grapefruit juice to shaker. Add ice and shake. Strain into coup glass.


**Vanilla kosher salt and sugar mixture

1 Vanilla bean

½ cup kosher salt

½ cup demerara sugar


Cut vanilla bean length wise and then into ½ inch pieces. Combine with salt and sugar in mason jar. Shake. Let sit 1-2 days.

Mimosa? No, “Mamosa”

Looking for a summer drink with a little bit more exotic flavoring? 
Try a mimosa with Hibiscus syrup and St. Germain liqueur. It’s called, the ‘Mamosa’.


1 Wild Hibiscus Flower
1 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1 oz Pink Grapefruit Juice
1/2 oz Wild Hibiscus Syrup
5 oz Dry Sparkling Wine
Place flower in champagne flute.  Shake next 3 ingredients on ice and carefully strain into champagne flute. Top with dry sparkling wine.  Garnish with long grapefruit zest.  Tip:   Twist the grapefruit zest and roll in plastic wrap.  Until ready to use, store in the freezer to keep its shape.

Recipe and image, courtesy of Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.

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P. Diddy’s Vodka Summer Cocktails

Diddy as you know is a man who loves his vodka, and in this case his vodka is literally, “his” vodka.

Ciroc has several recipes for staying cool while being cool, and in some cases, keeping the calories off.

Here are a few of our favorites

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“Destination Beirut” comes to St James’s as first pop-up restaurant

From 1-4 May 2013, St James’s will be hosting its first pop-up restaurant experience with Mile High’s “Destination Beirut”, based in a secret location within this unique part of London’s West End. A return trip is then scheduled from 8-11 May.
This event will take place in a hidden location on Regent Street St James’s. The intimate space will replicate interiors of a 1950s Lebanese café reminiscent of the “Paris of the Middle East”.
Anthea Harries, Portfolio Manager for St James’s at The Crown Estate, said: “St James’s is the ultimate blend of elegant heritage and cutting edge trend. As part of our £500m investment vision for the area we’re looking to enhance the existing restaurant offer by attracting acclaimed culinary talent. Mile High is the perfect example of this, as a pop-up restaurant which seeks to combine world class food with special and unique locations, making for an unforgettable experience. We’re delighted they chose St James’s as the next destination on their tour.”
For more information on St James’s visit:

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