The Home Baking Kits made famous on Shark Tank

This kit collection from Scratch & Grain Baking was featured on the television series “Shark Tank,” and allows you to go through the process of baking while giving you all of the pre-sorted and pre-measured ingredients beforehand.

Tasty Beverage made of 100% Virgin Cacao Juice

A drink made of 100% Virgin Cacao Juice is definitely worth trying, especially one made from the fruit and not the cacao nibs, and uses technology to be environmentally friendly

SIPP Eco Beverages are good as Mixers or straight Thirst Quenchers

What do you get when you give six different flavors of SIPP to six different people to try? Six empty bottles, and six repetitions of, “That was really good, do you have any more?”

STEM Gifts to Inspire the young Star Wars Fan

Star Wars, the Last Jedi is a great motivator for the young potential scientist, researcher, engineer, astronaut, or physician. Uncle Milton has 3 cool Star Wars-themed products with STEM in mind.

Roka Phantom Sunglasses gleam in Molten Rose Gold Metal

Roka has released Phantom Sunglasses in a new copper bronze rose gold finish that is as cool as the mirrorshades from Terminator 2, Top Gun, and Risky Business all combined into one, if that one were of course the Great Gatsby.

2 Must Have Bluetooth Speakers for Travel, Office, or the Shower

Powerful bluetooth speakers are getting smaller and smaller, which means you have more reasons to get them for all around use. Here are two little devices with big sound and a wide range of daily uses.