TV Spot Pick: Kelly Osbourne Unwinds at Home with Wheat Thins

The TV Spot (Commercial) Pick of the week is

“Kelly Osbourne Unwinds at Home with Wheat Thins”

The Fashionable “Love Fashion Hotel” in Bali


FashionTV, a global media network dedicated to all things fun and fashionable, has a new boutique hotel in Bali, called the Love F Hotel. It’s not hard to guess that the “Love F” could stand for “Love Fashion,” among other things. Interestingly the hotel goes by both names, just in case.

LOVE_F_HOTEL_LEGIAN_PRESENTATION1The goal is for the Love FH to be a glamorous destination for not only the fashionista, but for the fashion-enticed.

FashionTV explains:

“Located at the haute Legian district of Bali, most popular for its posh boutiques, dazzling bars, famed surf breaks, and magnificent sunsets, fashiontv’s Love Fashion Hotel, Bali is a stroll away from endless shopping, dining, and entertaining options.

Fashiontv’s Love Fashion Hotel, Bali is designed by the internationally-renowned firm, Marques and Jordy, who transformed the prestige and glamour of fashiontv’s brand into opulence and chic living. The hotel features a sensational catwalk lobby, 202 couture yet comfortable guest-rooms and suites, two casual dining options, a fine dining restaurant, a stunning bar, pool area with Jacuzzi and private cabanas, a tranquil spa, the exclusive Love Fashion Store, and an outdoor deck with magnificent sunset view.”





More information:

Jalan Raya Legian No. 121, Kuta Badung 80361,

Bali – Indonesia

T : +62-361 8496 688

F : +62-361 8496 699

The Sugar Lab’s 3D Sugar Printing System




Winner of the 2014 Innovation Award by the TASTE AWARDS. Acquisition by 3D Systems. Press coverage in major media, as well as launch of Los Angeles studio space.

Founders or Inventors

Liz and Kyle von Hasseln, co-founders of The Sugar Lab.

Their background

Kyle and Liz both have backgrounds in molecular biology, but about 5 years ago they decided to transition to architecture, and graduated from SCI_arc with Masters of Architecture. SCI_arc makes it a point to embrace emerging technologies as design tools, and that institutional stance meant that they were exposed to a lot of cool technology during their time there, and were encouraged to use it in novel ways. Throughout graduate school both Kyle and Liz were fascinated by free form fabrication in general, and unorthodox 3D printing configurations and materials in particular. Their graduate thesis, although it had nothing to do with sugar, centered on the development of a novel fabrication system. Their shared curiosity for the range and utility of 3D printing definitely contributed to an interest in applying the technology to the genre of food.

Concept & Innovation

The Sugar Lab is a micro-design firm for 3D printed sugar. 3D printing transforms sugar into a structural, sculptural element that can interact with food on different terms. 3D printed sugar can be used to sweeten or to ornament, but it can also start to define the form of the food instead of the other way around, or even to support it structurally. For example, Kyle and Liz are very excited to be working right now with several talented cake artists at a well-known bakery in Hollywood. The goal is to design a four-tiered wedding cake with a 3D printed sugar cake-stand, plus 3D printed sugar-tiers supporting cake tiers. It will be a traditional cake silhouette in which sugar plays anything but a traditional role.

That’s an exciting part of 3D printing sugar — transforming sugar into a structural, sculptural medium that can start to define the form of the food instead of the other way around, and even to support it structurally.


sugarlabIt started about two years ago, when they were graduate students in architecture. Kyle and Liz were living in a tiny apartment in Echo Park (Los Angeles) with a correspondingly tiny outdoor kitchen. They didn’t have an oven, and when they realized that meant they couldn’t bake their friend Chelsea a cake for her birthday, it was decided to try to 3D print one instead. Eventually Kyle and Liz managed to print a simple cupcake topper that spelled out ‘Chelsea’ in cursive sugar. Chelsea loved it! After they graduated, they optimized the printing process and started The Sugar Lab.

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The Canary Home Security System


INNOVATOR PROFILE: The Canary Home Security System


Crowdfunded $1,960,884 on

Founders or Inventors

Canary was cofounded by CEO Adam Sager, CTO Chris Rill, and Design Director Jon Troutman in New York City.

Their background

Adam Sager: Former Israel

Defense Forces, security advisor to CEOs and Fortune 100 companies, founder of nation’s largest security non profit organization. Chris Rill: Built embedded systems and electronics for the US military, startup technical co-founder, FIRST robotics mentor. Jon Troutman: User Experience & Product Designer, former product design lead at General Assembly, former art director at brand strategy agency.

Concept & Innovation

Canary is a single device that contains an HD video camera and multiple sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity to help keep you, your family and your home safe.

Controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device, Canary alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — from sudden temperature changes that can indicate a fire, to the sound and movement that could mean an intrusion. Instantly receive, view and act on the alerts wherever you are. Over time, Canary learns your home’s rhythms to send you smarter alerts.

Canary packs all of the technology necessary to keep your environment safe within one beautifully designed device, and learns your household’s habits and behaviors to constantly provide better security, at a price point available to anyone.

Containing an HD camera, audio, temperature and other life-safety sensors, Canary connects directly to your mobile device and alerts you or your designated loved

ones when anything is out of the ordinary. Canary empowers individuals – whether they rent or own their homes – to take control of their own security.


Canary came out of personal experiences. Both Chris and Adam had looked for security solutions such as this: simple, intelligent, and designed for their homes.

The first thing they did was think through what security in the home really is, and what it boils down to. It isn’t about placing sensors everywhere, nor is it about alarms that alert call centers. Rather, security is about two things: receiving the right information from your home about what is going on at any particular time, and knowing who to communicate with should there be a problem. With Canary, they are innovating in both ways, and have built a smart home security device for anyone.

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Cadbury chocolate’s Facebook-fueled Vending Machine


Cadbury is using social media to figure out the best flavored chocolate bar for each person. In this case it analyzes your Facebook profile to match the offerings exactly to your tastes.

Says Cadbury, “Cadbury has created the world’s first flavour-matching social vending machine – introducing the ‘Joy Generator’! Watch chocolate lovers discover their true Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour personality match based on their Facebook likes and interests. Their personalised flavour match block is then automatically dispensed for free!”

See video:

Sriracha Popcorn from J&D’s Foods


J&D’s Foods of Seattle has three lines of pre-popped popcorn which have us quite intrigued. They are the SRIRACHA POPCORN, the BACON POPCORN, and the GHOST PEPPER NACHO POPCORN. Apparently you have to like heat or meat to get into these offerings, but if you do then you are in luck.

Per J&D:

SRIRACHA POPCORNSriracha Thai Hot Chili Flavored, this big-kerneled popcorn packs big flavor. Its perfect balance of spicy-hot, garlic and sweetness coupled with the insane popularity of Sriracha hot chili sauce

6x5c_BaconPopcornRTE2_1BACON POPCORN – This stuff tastes like popping popcorn and wrapping each kernel in savory bacony goodness

GHOST PEPPER NACHO POPCORN – Hot and cheesy has been done before, but NOT like this. We take real ghost peppers (bhukut jolokia) – peppers so hot they’re used as weapons – and add the savory taste of nacho cheese.